Shiloh – new fantasy, drama TV pilot script

My new fantasy, drama TV series pilot screenplay, Shiloh, has just gone through a series of revisions and is available for review and consideration.

Poster concept for Shiloh, a fantasy, drama TV pilot written by Greg Kerr
One is looking for fantasy. The other is trying to escape it.


  • Pilot episode: “Call to Adventure”
  • Hour-long drama
  • Genres: fantasy, drama
  • Sub-genres: coming of age, fairy tale, magical realism, monster, quest, romantic, rural, teen, witchcraft, youth
  • Rating estimate: PG
  • Target audience: Adult, Young Adult, Teen
  • Lead role gender: Female
  • Lead role age range: 12-13
  • Effects required: many
  • Pilot cast size: 10
  • Pilot locations: 14


A lonely boy from the suburbs who has recently moved to the country encounters a mysterious girl with a dark secret. Together they create a fantasy game world whose magical elements begin to spill over into their real lives.

Sample (first 10 pages)

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Episode Short Synopsis

Shiloh, a girl who appears about 12 years old, runs through a forest. She’s being pursued by a sinister man and a pack of dogs. The man blows a whistle and it makes her scream in terror.

Ethan, a 12-year-old boy, has moved from the suburbs to rural Southern Oregon with his parents. He has lost his friends and he feels isolated on their farm. At first, he’s terribly bored by his experience, then he decides to visit the nearby creek and forest along with the neighbor’s property.

One night, he hears a pack of dogs running down the creek chasing something. Later that day he sees what he thinks is a large, black dog that he imagines is a wolf and it runs off. He’s intrigued by all this, so he keeps exploring. Later, during his exploration, he runs into Shiloh. They immediately get along although she seems elusive and not a typical neighborhood kid.

Together, Shiloh and Ethan play a fantasy game that she’s invented that’s an odd mix of several elements including Dungeons and Dragons and tarot cards.

The world of the game, South Oricon, is very real; the places in the game have counterparts in the real-world area they are in. In the game, Ethan is a wizard apprentice who, with the help of his toad-like familiar Grelench, attempt to learn why is mentor’s castle was destroyed killing everyone who lived there except Ethan in Grelench. Their quest leads them to a mausoleum where they encounter the body of Ethan’s predecessor, a girl apprentice, and fight off giant rats to obtain a magical amulet.

Upon leaving the game world, Ethan still has the amulet on.

Later at home, Ethan overhears his parents talking about the fact that Ethan has had psychological problems in the past and that he might be making up his new friend Shiloh because they’ve never seen her.

When Ethan tries to find Shiloh later, he can’t, leaving him concerned and confused.

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